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White Peak's garden rooms are designed to give you a beautiful, comfortable space strong enough to endure the harshest elements.
We use high quality green oak to give a highly durable, distinctive, and attractive appearance with a range of cladding and different styles available.

Wall Construction

Designed and built using the most modern and advanced construction technology, our garden room walls are between 7 and ten layers thick depending on chosen specification, giving them outstanding insulation and weathering properties. The walls have a foam core based on recognised structural integrated panels, whose excellent thermal performance reduces heating and cooling costs while eliminating draughts.

Wall panels are brought in ready-constructed and installed on site – and are strong enough to be used as both load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. For the best possible climate control and resistance to water permeation, the wall panels are protected by a breathable membrane layer. Similarly to waterproof clothing, this porous membrane prevents water droplets from entering, while still allowing vapour to pass through.

All electrical and data cabling is hidden from view within the wall cavity, keeping the interior walls clear of trunking. Inside faces of the walls are lined with plasterboard and skim coated to create a smooth finish.

Finally, skirtings are added to the bottoms of walls to add style and resist wear and tear. Decoration can also be arranged at a small extra cost.

External Finishes

Every care is taken to give your garden room a beautiful and durable outer surface.
Exteriors are protected with vertical cladding to aid with rain run-off and moisture resistance - this low-maintenance cladding
can be treated and re-coated over time to sustain your room's appearance.


The outside appearance of your garden room is, of course, a huge factor in its character, which can be customised with one of our durable finishes. Our choices of external wall finishes will give your room a unified, cohesive colour scheme that will look great and last for years to come - all while protecting your room from the elements. Throughout its lifespan, your cladding will gradually refine to a silver-grey patina, giving it a distinguished and weathered feel - although finishes can be re-applied at any time.


Finishes include red cedar, oak, larch, treated softwood, and UPVC
Cladding applied using stainless steel fixings
Plastered through-coloured render also available


Built to the very highest standards, White Peak ensure that your floor will be resistant to damp and pest invasion,
providing a cosy environment all your round and through any weather.
The floor of your garden room can also be a huge part of its personality, deciding on the flooring material and finish will help you bring your room to life, define its purpose, and create an environment to suit you.

Our floors are designed to be strong, durable, comfortable, and beautiful with a variety of finishes available. Joists are filled with housing grade insulation featuring a CFC-free rigid polyurethane core and composite foil facings, guaranteeing warmth and comfort.

As with every other aspect of your garden room, our flooring is manufactured to the highest standards and fully integrated with the foundations.


Underlying damp-proof membrane and steel mesh protect from water and pests
Sub-floor of interlocking sheeting creates a sturdy, squeak-free surface
Perimeter finished with metal trim to integrate into walls


We can offer any flooring finish that you may use in a house, the choice is yours!

Doors and Windows


Our windows and doors are either upvc or aluminium, it is important that the doors and moving components of our buildings are made from a stable and durable material, that does not rely on regular upkeep to maintain its ability to work, whilst being as cost effectiove as possible. 
All windows and doors provided by White Peak exceed the current British and European standards for quality and energy efficiency.


Energy efficiency is engineered into each of our window and door designs. Our glazing features an efficient pane with a thing metal coating which retains heat from sunlight, providing a free source of heat without hampering views. Doors are available in numerous configurations, such as straightforward entrance doors, as well as sliding patio doors and French doors. Several Materials and finishes are avaiable including UPVC and responsibly-sourced hardwood. All windows and doors are tested and marked according to UK and European security standards.


Energy-efficient glazing meets requirements of energy class A
Multi-point locking systems concealed within the timber for increased security
Made from responsibly sourced, renewable timber


White Peak can include any number of window variations in our garden room designs. These are just a few of the designs we offer for installation.


We don't cut corners when it comes to sturdy roofing! We hold ourselves to very high standards and only use the highest quality materials.
Our EPD rubber roofing is guaranteed for 25 years, and the structural timber frames of our roofs are
designed in accordance with building regulations.

Timber Frame Construction Roof Detail, Insulated Flat Roof

As with the walls and flooring, our garden rooms are equipped with multi-layered roofs, whose ten layers provide outstanding strength, insolation, and weather resistance. An integrated structural steel frame helps to spread the weight of the roof appropriately over loadbearing beams – a crucial feature where significant wall space is occupied by glazing.

Drainage is also dealt with elegantly, with a woven, polyester-enforced PVC waterproof membrane installed on all mono pitch flat roofs and affixed to a plywood roof deck with joins hot welded – delivering superb waterproofing and allowing liquid to easily drain from the structure’s natural slopes.

We design our roof structures with ventilation in-built, in order to encourage moisture to evaporate and escape naturally. A soffit vent allows air in, with a rear roof end vent providing excellent uninhibited air circulation. Any condensation is kept at bay by the foil backing on the plasterboard.

Internal services are also catered for, with cabling for lighting hidden within the structure of the roof, which also feature recessed lighting as standard. Roof windows can also be installed upon request, allowing sunlight to enter from angles that may not be accessible to ordinary windows.


The foundations are crucial to the stability and longevity of any building. At White Peak, we install our own brand new foundations
on every build to ensure thorough knowledge of the ground we're working with. We spread the weight of the structure over
a large surface area to reduce the pressure on any one point, increasing strength and security.

As the foundations are such a crucial part of any structure, we insist upon personally digging and finishing the foundations of every project we undertake. This is vital to ensuring resistance to serious structural issues such as subsidence and structural damage, which can occur to structures with insufficient foundations under severe weather.

We work to the government-recognised foundation standard of one metre in depth, which protects the foundations from problems associated with seasonal swelling.

Cylindrical holes are dug vertically into the ground and filled with concrete, into which are inserted zinc-primed steel beams to carry the weight of the proposed structure, with a generous allowance for the imposed load of furniture and other contents factored in and accounted for. Our system transfers the building’s weight over a large surface area to ensure strength and longevity in your garden room.

As long as your site is relatively flat, all preparation is carried out as part of the package. We can carry out any necessary site clearance and demolition at an additional cost if required. All excavation work carried out takes into account the root protection areas of surrounding trees.


The integrated blinds included on our windows and doors provide a simple-to-use, maintenance-free way to keep your privacy in your new garden room. Sealed within the double glazing cavity of all windows and doors, these blinds are an attractive, allergy-free feature to enhance lighting and acoustics.


Windows and doors feature heavily in most of our garden room designs, so we've developed the perfect way to maintain your privacy and help reduce heating costs. These elegant integrated Venetian blinds feature 12.5mm aluminium slimline slats sealed between the twin panes of the double glazing cavities of our windows and doors.

This optional extra will add another layer of sophistication to your garden room, improving its aesthetics from both inside and out.


Motorised and simple to use
Available in a range of colours
Cost-effective and energy-efficient


As standard, all internal walls and ceiling are dry-lined with plasterboard and skim coated for a smooth finish, then painted with two coats of white matt emulsion.
This provides a blank canvas to be decorated as you please - although decoration is available upon request!


The decoration of your garden room is one of the main ways in which you can truly make it your own. Once the main construction and wiring stages are completed, we'll finish your interior walls with a dry lining of plasterboard so you can paint or wallpaper them as you please.
Along with basic wall finishes, we can also build interior walls complete with their own doors, to give your room the perfect internal form. Bathroom and kitchen areas can also be tiled to provide beautiful water-resistant surfaces.


Engineered oak flooring as standard
Wet areas can be tiled as required
Partitions and internal doors can be added


Whether your garden room is intended to be an office space, practical workshop, or just a relaxation space,
a reliable supply of power will be essential. This is factored into the design from the earliest stages
to ensure a plentiful electrical loadout with accessible power points.

Every garden room comes equipped with an independent consumer fuseboard unit with built-in residual current devices, perfect for protecting you from shocks and similar potential mishaps. Wiring is controlled with a mains isolator fused switch, and each circuit also has its own independent trip switch.

Wall points are supplied as flush-mounted 13-amp double sockets installed on a main ring circuit. All are provided as standard white fittings and wiring is concealed within the structure walls - so no exposed wiring or trunking will be in sight! 

To provide supply from the national grid, we extend a feed cable from the consumer unit to an external waterproof junction box. At your request, we can carry out the final connection from the main house, but in all cases our trusted electrician will execute a Part P compliance test and supply you with a certificate once the build is finalised.


Every room has its own unique character. Lighting is a huge aspect of how your room feels
so we always consider your input when designing your lighting setup. 
We have a number of beautiful styles of lighting available to help you achieve the desired effect.

As with any new electrical installation, the lighting fit-out ill be extensively detailed in the preliminary CAD plans for your new garden room, which will detail energy consumption, style, and the effect that your lighting will achieve.

If your room has a flat ceiling, your internal lighting will be provided through recessed downlights controlled by a dimmer switch. Pitched ceilings will be equipped with adjustable spotlights on a tracklight base.

Any external lighting - in overhangs, for example - will again be achieved through recessed downlights, or uplights in the case of decking. All lights are supplied with energy efficient bulbs to keep down energy costs and reduce your room's carbon footprint.


Although your room is designed to be a cosy, insulated environment with a perfect climate for all conditions,
you may need a heat boost from time to time! We would be happy to supply a free standing convector heater. 


Air leaks are not only annoying - they can also lead to build-ups of radon,
formaldehyde, and other unpleasant substances! Our buildings are well insulated to ensure
no air leaks will occur, and we provide a range of ventilation options as appropriate.

White Peak’s designs are always well-insulated to create a pleasant atmosphere in any climate. However, build-ups of moisture can lead to mould growth, which causes any number of structural and health problems, so we ensure that our garden rooms are well-ventilated using a selection of methods.

Natural purge ventilation is provided through the windows and doors, along with a permavent to allow passive ventilation, providing excellent internal air quality. Garden rooms equipped with showers and utility rooms can make use of an electrical extractor fan. Power is provided through the particular room’s light switch for ease of use and a swift installation.

Ventilation is one of the most important factors in the longevity of any outdoor structure and is crucial to maintaining a pleasant internal environment. At White Peak, we ensure that moisture and temperature control is as easy as possible.


As roof fascias and soffits are frequently the first component of buildings to deteriorate over time,
we always use high-quality aluminium with a durable and stylish powder-coated finish.
This surface treatment makes fascias and soffits maintenance-free and means they will not discolour over time.

We’re always sure to use high-quality, stylish, durable aluminium roof fascias and soffits, ensuring excellent resistance to weathering. Using high-quality materials ensures that your garden room will retain its striking appearance for years and require minimum maintenance throughout its lifespan.

Our fascias and soffits are given a powder-coated finish which ensures they will stay fresh-looking and retain their original silver-grey colouring. This finish also gives an attractive contrast against the timber finishes traditionally used for the exterior of the main garden room – although we do offer timber clad finishing as an option on our fascias!

Any roof overhangs can be clad with external-grade timber, matching the walls and providing outstanding weathering detail. All finishes can be tailored to suit the aesthetic of your garden room, giving a satisfying overall appearance.


To aid with rainwater drainage, we include a selection of equipment with each of our new builds.
Black PVC guttering is fitted as standard, leading to a nearby soakaway - a gravel-filled hole in the ground -
which allows water to soak into the soil at its own pace.

Aside from traditional guttering, we also stock a number of alternative drainage solutions for differing scenarios. Garden rooms in areas with poor natural land drainage can, upon request, be provided with a sustainable urban drainage attenuation cell.

This specially-designed modular grid is intended to create a void within a buried lightweight structure. Rainwater is stored and released back into the ground at a slower pace and gradually absorbed by the soil at a natural pace, preventing saturation.

Another building in your life also means another opportunity to harness a completely free, natural supply of fresh water. Upon request, White Peak can supply a water butt which can connect to your drainage system and provide a natural, unlimited water supply completely independent from commercial suppliers.


Our bathroom suites are fitted as standard with white ceramic Armitage Shanks style furniture.
If needed, we can also source any style of fittings you desire, and we are also happy to fit items that you supply yourself!

Shower room suites include a classic close-coupled WC pan and cistern with double flush as standard. The shower itself is a mains-feed electric shower with built-in thermostatic control, ensuring reliable performance and refreshing results. The shower unit features an acrylic tray with twin folding doors or screen, along with a cloakroom wash basin and chrome-finished mixer tap.

Meanwhile, the White Peak kitchenette gives your garden room a smart, functional food prep area which makes the perfect tea and coffee station. As standard, the unit comes replete with stainless steel worktop, ceramic sink with monobloc mixer tap, double wall cupboard units and a top-rated refrigerator. A hotplate stove can be installed upon request.

All fixtures and fittings are designed using high-rated materials for household use, making them durable and easy to clean and maintain.


For decking, our material of choice is the heavy tropical hardwood Yellow Balau. This is a popular choice for decking, owing to its adaptability to the unreliable British weather, along with its excellent durability, low susceptibility to warping, and resistance to wear and tear and fungal growth. The wood’s stunning natural light brown colouring will weather over its 20-30 year lifespan, eventually settling on a distinguished silver-grey patina.

It is recommended that timber oil preservative is regularly applied to this kind of decking, in order to maintain a high water resistance and prevent warping. Future coats can also be applied easily, requiring only a firm water wash for preparation.

Before installation, we prepare the ground with a geo-textile fabric to prevent weed growth. Our decking is installed complete with a pressure-treated softwood frame substructure bedded into concrete foundation pads. Decking boards are smooth-faced and fixed to the substructure with counter-sunk stainless steel screws, allowing for a drainage gap between boards.


In today’s world, no home office or relaxation space would be complete without mod cons such as high-speed broadband or cable TV, along with an adequate power supply.

To facilitate this, we employ steel wire armoured cable to convey power from the main fuse board located inside the house proper. Cable sizes vary depending on the proposed workload, but the wire’s armour makes it safe for both outdoor and underground installation. More extravagant equipment such as showers and advanced heating can also be catered for following inspection.

We use double-shielded coaxial cable for TV services, and shielded CATV cable for connectivity services such as broadband and landline telephone. Again, we will connect the garden room to the main property an external services junction box.

For TV services we use Coaxial cable which is double shielded. For data services such as broadband, telephone, alarm, intercom etc we use CATV cable which is shielded. We provide the cabling between the existing house and the external services junction boxes on the outside of the garden room. Cabling is often installed alongside plumbing and drainage services where appropriate.

We advise that you inform your service providers of the new installation beforehand, as they will have to make arrangements from their side and visit the site if necessary. They can also advise if the cabling will be appropriate for your service package and region.

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