Scope of Works

  • We were commissioned to design and build an oak framed porch on a cottage in Wirksworth, Derbyshire on the edge of the peak district.

  • Porches with a floor area of three square meters do not usually require planning permission, but in all cases we work with the planners to ensure any work we conduct fully complies. 

Key Client Requirements

  • A modern looking entrance using traditional methods and materials

  • Glazed to give protection from elements in relatively exposed position

Key Design Aspects

  • In standard porch designs a beam is usually present across the top of the doors, this in turn usually governs the overall height of the structure. In this case it was important to keep the height as low as possible,  so we removed the beam to enable us to recess the door into the roof space. 

  • Using large section oak, we included a structural truss which triangulated and connects the whole frame, which in turn was supported by collars on the standard rafters, 

  • Many oak frames use plant on fascias on all beams and posts, this saves time and simplifies the build. But also takes away from the final aesthetics of the build as unsightly joints are visible where the fascias meet. It does give the benefit of keeping any water off the structural members, so we incorporated a similar design on the front of the base beams. This allows a direct run off for any water keeping it away from the main timbers.

Proposed Design

  • A full 3d model of the proposed design was produced, resulting in a 3d model and full 2d plans.  Each individual component was digitally modelled, effectively allowing the project to be built before any work began. This ensured a true and accurate plan, it allowed issues to be identified and it ensured effective communication of the design to the client, allowing them to try out different options and designs. All this design work is done in house using the latest 3d software. 


Key Features

  • Hand crafted oak beams and posts using traditional joints and pegs

  • Toughened toughened glazing directly glazed into the oak. 

  • Bespoke kiln dried oak  entrance door with multi point locking system

  • Traditional blue tile roof and leadwork