Scope of Works

  • Demolition of existing garage

  • Design and Build of 21m2 artist studio and decking to fit into corner of the garden


Key Client Requirements

  • The client wanted a self contained studio out of the house.

  • The space needed to be large, open and functional and was to to be used for production of sculptures and artwork.

  • Fully insulated and ventilated for year round use

  • Electrics, Heating and Plumbing were required

Key Design aspects

  • Large open, flexible and functional space 

  • Mirrored the corner of the garden to make full use of the available space

  • Large picture windows were used to maximise light. 

  • Built onto a sloping site


Proposed Design

  • A full 3d model of the proposed design was produced, resulting in a 3d model and full 2d plans.  Each individual component was digitally modeled, effectively allowing the project to be built before any work began. This ensured a true and accurate plan, it allowed issues to be identified and it ensured effective communication of the design to the client, allowing them to try out different options and designs. All this design work is done in house using the latest 3d software. 

Key Features

  • Structural timber frame walls, clad with high quality cedar cladding on vented cavities

  • 90mm Kingspan Insulation to walls roof and floors

  • A rated Anthracite Grey UPVC windows and doors including feature 2m x 2m side window. 

  • Green oak posts

  • Dimmable LED Downlighting throughout 

  • Rubber Roof and powder coated steel trims, complete with 30 year guarantee